Our Unique Technology

Mobile sensor-fusion

Mobile Sensor-Fusion


Realizing that each individual smartphone sensor is low-cost and often provides inaccurate measurements, our method is based on the fusion of smartphone sensors via advanced digital signal processing algorithms.


Infuse utilizes sensors widely available in common smartphones, such as Wi-Fi, Magnetometer and inertial sensors, achieving accurate indoor locations without pre-prioritizing any sensor.

Competitive Advantage- Unique Features


Fast and simple deployment


Deployment requires no external hardware or additional infrastructure.

Mapping  is extremely easy and done in walking pace. All that is required is the venue layout (even a hand-drawn map).

Mapping files and data are extremely light and portable. 




One of our best features is the Microfence, the ability to interact with a user inside a region of interest

Similarly to the outdoors geo-fence, this pre-defined area of interest enables location based interaction with smartphone holders.

Young couple with mobile in the pocket

In-pocket operation


Unlike most available solutions, our advanced platform enables background operation.

This means that accurate indoor locations are generated even when the screen is off (Sleep-Mode) and the smartphone is inside the user's pocket or purse.

Adelaide, Australia - October 3, 2012: Switching to Airplane mode on an iPad. Airplane mode is a setting on iPhone and ipad that. when switched on, will disable the device's capacity to place or receive calls or text messages.

Flight-Mode operation


Our solution enables indoor location even when the smartphone is in Flight-Mode.

Infuse is the only solution up-to-date that operates both in Flight-Mode and Sleep-Mode.

Solution Specifications - Haifa Mall Use-Case

Various tests were conducted at the Grand Kanyon Mall in Haifa (100,000m2), the key highlights were:

interface (3)

Fast & Easy Deployment


Deployment in a 22,500m2 floor within less than 20min

location (1)

Pin-point Accuracy


Indoor location accuracy of 3m

(5m in Sleep-Mode)

interface (2)

Battery Efficiency


Low power consumption

of 2% per hour


games (1)

3D Localization


Automatic floor identification

and transition

diskette (1)

Data Size Efficiency


Light map size, smaller

than 0.5MB